Welcome to Corte Lecciso "Casa Vacanze"

At the center of the city, in an exclusive location just texturized, is Corte Lecciso, a structure composed of independent apartments with double and quadruple suites.

Corte Lecciso is in Leverano, a small town of Salento, land of the D.O.C wines and a rich cultural and historical heritage.

In these areas of the Land of Arneo particular is the presence of several farms, many of which are fortified, and vicinaza the beautiful sea of ​​Porto Cesareo where the seabed, particularly rich and typical of the warm seas of sub-tropical environments, host in the sandy areas of the so-called prairie submerged Posidonia oceanica, a biological rarity that provides oxygen, shelter and food to many marine organisms, and rocky areas in the multi-colored coral. The fauna consists of crustaceans, molluscs, colorful fish and turtles.

The area's climate is typically Mediterranean, with warm, humid summers and drought, and winters are cool and breezy. The rainfall is concentrated mainly in the seasons of autumn and winter.

Staying at Corte Lecciso will have the opportunity to live the unforgettable experience and discover this wonderful land.