The Territory

The town of Leverano, located in the north-western part of the Salento plains, falls under the Arneo Land, or in that part of the Salento peninsula included in the Ionian coast between San Pietro in Bevagna and Tower dell'Inserraglio and which takes its name from a old house, attested in the Norman period and then abandoned, locatable in the hinterland to the north-west of Torre Lapillo. Detail of Arneo Land is the presence of several farms, many of which are fortified, like the Masseria Albaro, Masseria Arche, the Bundari fortified farmhouse, Masseria fortified Canisi, and many more.

The soil has allowed the development of the primary sector is mainly based on the cultivation of olive trees, vegetables, floriculture and viticulture especially with the typical vineyards Negroamaro and Malvasia. The production of wines is guaranteed by the Cantina Sociale of Leven and the private wine cellar of Conti Zecca that produce the "DOC Leven" Leven White, White Raisin Leven, Leven Malvasia Bianca, Negroamaro Rosato Leven, Leven Negroamaro Rosso.


Mother Church
The Mother Church, dedicated to the Annunciation, located on an existing building. The construction work began in August of 1582 and ended in 1603. It was seriously damaged by the earthquake of 1743 and then renovated in 1747.

Church and Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie
The Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, with the adjoining convent of the Friars Minor, dating from the second half of the fifteenth century. The oldest document that attests to the presence of the church, originally dedicated to San Rocco, is a bubble of 1557 included in the omnium Regestum Bullarum Archipraesulum Brundusinorum in which the archbishop of Brindisi conferring an advantage.

Church of Our Lady of Consolation
The Church of Our Lady of Consolation dates from the seventeenth century and was built following the discovery of the miraculous image of the Virgin. The interior still retains the image of the Virgin Odigitria of the Byzantine era. The present building was rebuilt in 1965 as the elevation of the church as a parish in 1957, involved the expansion of the structure and then the demolition of the existing to give rise to a new larger building.

Church of Santa Maria
The Church of Santa Maria is a small seventeenth-century building in the historic center. It features elegant architectural lines of the Baroque period.

Church of St. Benedict
The Church of St Benedict was most likely built in 1625 on a pre-existing fifteenth-century building. Annexed there was a monastery inhabited, it is thought, by the Benedictine Nuns.

Tower Federiciana
The Tower Federiciana, which rises to about 28 meters in the town, was commissioned, according to tradition, by Frederick II of Swabia in 1220 to monitor the nearby Ionian coast threatened by pirates.


Every year in Leverano takes the Birra e Sound, the first European festival of beer in Salento, organized to offer the pleasure of evenings spent in the company of a good pint of beer tied to a phenomenon of the revaluation of the world of taste and all those new that are affecting more and more people of tasting quality.